forged (technology)

forging process

RSR Wheels engineers use virtual product development with computer models able to simulate wheel durability and stiffness. Manufacturing options can also be investigated, as well as analysis of weight to forecast performance of the new wheel style. Once the final design concept has been approved, the wheel is optimized through the use of FEA (Finite Element Analysis). This advanced computer model makes it possible to simulate on vehicle conditions to get the wheel design right the first time and accelerate the testing process.


wheel features

Race Knurled Bead /

A knurled bead seat is pressed on the rim in order to reduce tire slippage between wheel and tire. This achieves the highest performance during extreme acceleration and braking. This upgrade benefits motorsports and track applications.

Dynamics /

Attention to weight has led to RSR to enhance the wheels ability to react with the suspension so that the wheel will maintain contact with the road surface, improving traction and steering feel making the car more predictable.

Comfort /

RSR Wheels are designed to be lighter, yet maintain stiffness which will reduce road noise and support ride comfort.

Acceleration and Braking /

Less weight generates better acceleration and braking. Less weight means your car does not need to work as hard to get peak performance.

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Fitment Lookup